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Escape Haven is a quaint Spa located within Orthopedic and Spine Therapy. It offers services to encourage relaxation and give you the chance to escape from everyday stress. In a comfortable room you will be sure to receive a service customized to your personal needs every time.

Owned and operated by Mariah Lamers.

Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician

  • I encourage you to make your appointments in advance to ensure your preferred booking time.
  • I kindly request at least a 24 hour cancellation notice on all services.
  • At your first appointment, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to begin promptly and to allow enough time to fill out a health history form. Any other appointments after, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to assure you receive your full appointment time. If a client shows up late for an appointment, the client will be billed for a full session and treated for the remaining time of the session.
  • Spa services are available for guests under the age of 18 with parental consent.
  • For the courtesy of other guests, please silence your cell phone.
  • It is important to me that you enjoy every moment of your experience to the fullest. Whether it’s the room temperature, the amount of massage pressure, volume or selection of music, etc... please feel free to share with me.
  • I request that you remove all jewelry and other valuables prior to visiting the spa. Escape Haven Spa is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.
  • Please tell me about any allergies or sensitivites, as well as any and all medications you have taken within 30 days to avoid any reactions.
  • If you have a past medical history that you are unsure about, to avoid any complications, please check with your doctor prior to your service to assure you that it is okay to receive any type of treatment.
  • For your convenience, I have included on this site all necessary health, skin care, prenatal, and wax forms to print and fill out ahead of time.

Drink Plenty of Water!


Massage releases the toxins out of all your muscles and into your body. If you don’t flush them out, you may feel like you have the flu for a day or two afterwards or even have some achy discomfort. So drink plenty before and after to prevent this from happening.* In most cases you will feel slight discomfort or none at all.

I look forward to seeing you!

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