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Prenatal Massages

(ONLY during the 2 and 3 Trimester)

**Please have a doctor’s note if you have had any previous complications**



These are all performed on a special massage table designed specifically for a pregnant woman like you, to lie face down. It has a hollowed out area with support designed to accommodate your belly, and often your breasts as well.



*It’s always important to communicate with me about any areas you need specific attention on, and to let me know right away if anything during the massage-including positioning is causing any discomfort. *



If needed, any of these massages can be adjusted in any way to make it more personalized for you. These are all designed to aid in helping you cope with any discomfort you may be feeling during this special time.



Prenatal Escape:


A relaxing massage tailored specifically to your needs as a pregnant woman and your changing body. Helping to relieve any muscle cramps, spasms and pain often encountered during pregnancy. While also relaxing sore muscles and improving circulation.

30 Minutes…………$45.00

45 Minutes…………$60.00

1 Hour……………....$75.00

Prenatal Balancing Escape:

If you need to feel at peace. This is the one for you! This soothing massage begins with a dry brushing to stimulate circulation and to activate the pores to remove more waste materials and impurities as it rids your skin of dry skin cells. A light aromatherapy mist of: Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Red Mandarin will be sprayed throughout the treatment to soothe your senses and balance your mind and body. Ending with a warm steam towel on your face and décolleté.

1 Hour………………$80.00



Prenatal Renewal Escape:


Do you feel like you need to be revitalized after all you are going through? This massage will do just that. Your back will be pampered with an exfoliating scrub, wash, warm steam towel, and nourished with a hydrating lotion. Your feet will receive the same tender love and care, but with cold towels to make those sore swollen feet feel even better! Finishing with a warm towel on the scalp.

1 Hour……………………$80.00

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*Prices subject to change without notice*

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